Professional welding teacher Mimi Riley teaches ornamental welding classes in her working Seattle studio.  Classes focus on safety, welder operation, fabrication and bending techniques, most of

A few comments about my classes:

Thanks for the class, great instruction...loved it. You are a very quick and talented teacher!”

”I took your Garden Art Welding class a few weeks ago with my wife.  We LOVED your class, it was very inspiring. In fact we ran out and bought a MIG welder on eBay, because (1) we are impulsive and (2) we both fell instantly in love with doing metal work.  You really do a great job communicating the important information clearly, and in a way that sticks.

It is so exciting when we read evaluations like the ones we receive from the students that take your classes.  They believe that you are "alive, vivacious, engaging, positive and encouraging."  They feel like the class is "fun" and that "you do well at responding to questions and clarifying confusing topics".  They love that you are "very organized, know your subject and are helpful with different techniques.  They feel comfortable in class because you are "laid-back and yet very professional."  Staff at DiscoverU

General Classes:

Each of these classes have an 8 student max-

imum with the exception of Private Instruction

which is one to one

Beginning Ornamental Welding       

Open Studio    


Private Instruction

Specialty Classes:

Each of these classes have a 4 student maximum

Flowers, Leaves & Bamboo


Fused Glass & Steel Side Table

Make a Garden Gate